California Dreaming?


I must admit, growing up in OK left me a wee-bit naive to how living in CA would actually be. I visited CA once as a kid, but it was your typical coastal extravaganza, complete with San Diego, Hwy 1, and San Fran. So when Adam and I decided to head west, I thought we’d be in the land of palm trees and overran beaches I created a vision of paradise, and at last it was mine! I mean, all of CA is a summer haven, yes? NO.

Enter, the Mojave Desert.



Yup. That’s me and my guy. And the sand. Lots and lots of sand. But don’t be fooled, there are trees here. Well, Joshua trees. Only Joshua Trees.

Anyway. Living in the Mojave Desert definitely has its drawbacks, but it’s not all that shabby. I can be tanning(freckling/burning) on the beach in 2 hours flat. OR skiing in the mountains in less than an hour. You see, this blistering sand dune is actually a prime location for all things outdoor. And we plan to take advantage as much as possible.

Our first outdoor activity took place in our front yard, and it was FAR from recreational! Growing up on the plains of OK, I was used to the wind. But we had grass. And trees. Things that kept the dirt IN the ground. Here, the sand blows straight at you, or your yard in our case.  A while back the winds picked up and blew about 60 mph, and gusted 90 mph. 

Our yard went from. . .

DSC01321To this. . .

DSC01322In abooooooout 4 1/2 hours.

Adam spent a brief stint raking the sand out, attempting to uncover our beautifully manicured lawn. I could see that he wasn’t having much luck.  I saw the rake fly through the air when I turned onto our street on my evening jog.

The end result?


A broken rake. Immediately followed by an impromptu trip to Lowe’s.

I think we’ll hold off on introducing ourselves to our neighbors. . .


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