Move It Monday!


It’s Monday. I’m not any happier about it than you are.

What better way to start off the week than burning a few calories?? Chances are, at some point this weekend, you ate something that was super delicious, as we should have! For me, it was good old-fashioned chocolate chip cookies. Worth it. 😉                                             (recipe another time, don’t worry!)


Now is the time to counteract. . .shall we? 🙂

Here’s what my workout looked like today:

  • Kenpo – Low intensity, P90x kickboxing workout

Circuit w/ Timed Sets: (do as many reps as you can in the specified amount of time)

           Do each exercise for 45 seconds, resting the same between each. After you complete one full round, rest 3                      minutes, and repeat 2 times. 

Cool Down – 5 minute walk

I like to do a really quick explosive circuit after a workout like Kenpo. Considering Kenpo isn’t high intensity, I pair with a circuit like this to get the most out of my time.

Always warm up. Always cool down. Always stretch. 🙂


About theuprootedokie

Hello...I'm the Uprooted Okie. An Oklahoma girl living in California. By trade, I'm a PE Teacher and Personal Trainer. I'm all about working out when you can, eating great food, and spending time with family. Welcome!

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  1. Love your posts, recipes, and pictures! It is great to see what life is like in other places, and I can’t wait to try your recipes.

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