Move It Monday + Weekend Highlights


Here’s some motivation for Move It Monday.

This week I am doing things a bit differently. I’m going to take a week off at the gym, and make most of my workouts home-friendly. Sometimes I have a mental issue with the gym. Since I work there, I sometimes get very annoyed with making trips there what feels like a thousand times a day! :/


Run Outside – 3 miles

Strength Circuit


Total Body Kickboxing Workout – 1 hour


Run Outside – 3 miles




Intervals Outside

Yoga video




Run Outside – 4 miles

Monday’s Strength Circuit

Walking Lunges w/ Ab Twist


Wall Ball Squats

Side Plank – Plank – Side Plank (30sec, 1 minute, 30 sec)

Lateral Lunges (alternating)

Tricep Dips

*Do each exercise 10 times. Repeat three times for a total of 4 rounds. 🙂

We have quite a few leftovers from the weekend, so that will be the brunt of our weeknight meals. However, I have a couple fruit and veggie recipes heading your way this week! 🙂


Adam’s parents and sister came to visit us this past weekend. It was good to see some familiar faces, and I’m glad they were here for D’s actual birthday. Anytime anyone comes to visit, we always go to our favorite sushi place. It’s the




The next day we loaded up and went to Ventura to eat and explore. On the way there, we stopped at some great fruit stands.


DSC02492 DSC02491 DSC02493 DSC02494

DSC02505 DSC02495

We were running late for lunch, so we made a snack out of our purchases on the rest of the drive. The cherries and strawberries were superb. Seriously. And those little chili-lime pistachios were the perfect amount of spicy.


 DSC02507 DSC02508

When we got to Ventura, we ate at a fish and chips place that was average at best. However, the seagulls that attacked D and the food were a highlight. It was chaos for a bit.



DSC02533 DSC02527

The time went by fast, but we got a lot squeezed into their stay!


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