Watermelon “Caprese”


D and I were talking about seasons last night. Because when you get married and move far away, you run out of hip, cool things to talk about and resort to things like the seasons. D loves summer. He hates the bitter cold. While I love all of the delicious produce that comes into season in summer and the great farmer’s markets around here, fall is by far my favorite. I think it’s because I like my fall clothes the most, but also because I love to exercise outside. And right now, I become drenched in a matter of minutes. In addition to drenched, I also burn. I mean seriously. My razorback running tan is intense. It takes all of fall and half of winter to even out.

Anywho, let’s get to the aforementioned summer produce. I don’t claim to know a lot of technical terms or methods when it comes to the kitchen, so keep that in mind when you see that I titled this a “caprese.”  😉

Yesterday, I cut open a watermelon for the first time this summer, and D and I had half of it gone before we knew it. But prior to polishing it off, I decided to make a sweet, summer twist on a “caprese.” As many of the recipes on this blog will prove, I have a fondness for goat cheese. And it found its way into this watermelon appetizer.

Sweet, juicy watermelon, creamy, tangy goat cheese, and a sweet and sticky honey drizzle. Yes, please. 🙂



Cut your watermelon into chunks, and from that slice 1/ 4 inch pieces that you’ll cut into squares. Really, it’s however big you want it to be.


Goat cheese is hard to cut with a knife, because it sticks and easily becomes messy. However, if you use dental floss, it cut like buttah.

DSC02607 DSC02608

Now you have perfectly sized goat cheese slices to work with. Layer one slice of goat cheese, slices similar in size to the watermelon, on half of the watermelon slices. Plain goat cheese is delicious, but I used a port wine goat cheese I got at the farmer’s market. It was really good, so experiment away!


Drizzle a touch of honey over the top of the goat and then top it off with the other watermelon slice.



I ate about a thousand of these little guys. So light, cold, and refreshing!


Have a great day! 🙂


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