Move It Monday + 10 Reasons to Exercise


Hope everyone had a great weekend! San Antonio was a blast, but it’s always good to get back into the swing of things on Monday. We came home to, still, no A/C!  I guess I’m getting soft with age because sleeping in 85°+ temps at night leave me a tad bit cranky. :/ Anyway, later this week I’ll give ya few pointers on visiting San Antonio. 🙂

10 Reasons to Exercise Today

Our lives are super busy these days. Whether you’re a mom of a couple toddlers or a young 20 something with a demanding job, most of our days are scheduled to the minute. Having such a strenuous to do list can leave you pretty exhausted at the end of the day, and make it easy to put a workout on the back burner. Maybe “you’ll do it tomorrow morning,” or “get started next week.” Well folks, the time is now and rarely is there an excuse worthy of ditching. Next time you think about playing hooky, think about these guys!

1. Increase Energy

Although you may be exhausted from your day and skipping a workout may seem like the best thing to do at the time, if you give yourself 30 minutes to an hour of moderate to vigorous exercise, you’ll be surprised how you feel. You’ll have far more energy than when you started, and be healthier as a result.

2. Weight Loss and Health

If you have a few problem areas or a little extra weight that you want to get rid of, the best thing you can do for yourself is workout. If you workout, you’re body will begin to crave better healthier foods. As a result of diet and exercise, you may see some of those pounds start to disappear.

3. Stronger Bones

Resistance training can help combat things like osteoporosis and bone fractures if you follow a safe regimen that your doctor approves. Starting resistance training as soon as possible can really help increase bone density as you age. As you get older, this is super important so that you stay out of the ER and out of hard casts!

4. Improve Focus

After a good workout, cognitive function and focus increases. As an elementary PE Teacher, I really believe in this. A lot of students that participate in recess or PE and immediately go back to the classroom to their academic work see an increase in focus and retention. the same rule applies to adults, so take advantage!

5. Increase Productivity 

This is my favorite reason. Exercising leaves you feeling energized as we already talked about, but the result can be amazing! If you “don’t have time to workout,” this reason is screaming at you. You’ll be able to blast through your to-do list after a good workout. The energy that exercise leaves you after a workout allows you to get more done with the time you have. Win, Win!

6. Sleep Better

If you find yourself tossing and turning at night, trying to find sleep, this one is for you. Sometimes we don’t distinguish between mental and physical exhaustion, and when we try to go to bed our minds are exhausted, but our bodies are not as much. Getting a  workout in that day can help clear your mind and exhaust your body, leaving you ready to actually sleep when you go to bed.

7. Stress Reliever 

Speaking of clearing your mind, exercise can help relieve you of the stress from your day. If you have a hard time shutting your mind down and relaxing, sometimes a workout can help.

8. Lowers Risk of Heart Disease, Lowers Blood Pressure, etc. . .

I’d say this one speaks for itself. If all it takes is a steady exercise regimen to combat life threatening diseases, sign me up! Things like diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, and obesity may all be prevented by the right diet and exercise.

9. Improve Confidence

The way we feel about ourselves has such an impact on our day-to-day. If you feel confident in the way you look and feel, chances are you’re going to have a better day than if you don’t. Exercise can help improve confidence, which can really improve our mood, productivity, and relationships.

10. Improve Function Immune System 

Are you one of those people that get multiple colds every year? Do you find yourself “not feeling very good?” Well, if you said yes, think about getting into to fitness. There are many studies that suggest a link between exercise and a decrease in illness. If you exercise regularly, your heart gets stronger and is able to pump more blood to the body’s systems, allowing them to work better for you!



Evening Run – 2 miles

Resistance training


Evening Run – 3 miles

Core Circuit


Evening Run – 2 miles


Kettlebells and Core Circuit


Evening Run – 3 miles


Active rest


Long Run – 5 miles

Hope you all have a great day! 🙂


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