Move It Monday + Total Body Dumbbell Workout


Hello everyone! Hope you all had a nice relaxing weekend. We just laid around the house and did as little as possible. We were pretty successful. šŸ™‚

How was your weekend?

As far as workouts go, this week was sub par. I was called into sub for a 1st grade class on Thursday and Friday, and I let that be my excuse to skip a workout. Whoopsies. šŸ˜¦ So this week I have to get it together.

My 5 mile run went pretty good yesterday, but I think I’ll stick with it one more week, then bump it to 6 the next time. Here’s how the rest of the week is lined up! You’ll find a Total Body Dumbbell workout below.

(photo source)

(always warm up before your workout, and stretch after your cool down)


1/2 mile run

Total Body Dumbbell (see below)

1/2 mile run


3.5 mile run

Core Circuit #1


Cross train (45 minutes)


3.5 mile run


1/2 mile run

Resistance training

Core Circuit #2

1/2 mile run


Active Ā Rest


5 mile run


Total Body Dumbbell

1. Stationary Lunges w/ Bicep Curl (10 each)

Squats w/ Dumbbell Press (12)

2. Push Ups (12)

Bent Over Row (12 each)

3. Tricep Pullovers (15)

Bicep CurlĀ 21’s

*This workout will be done in supersets. You’ll perform the 1st set of exercises, back to back, and then rest for about 2 minutes. Then repeat 2 times. Then you’ll move on to the 2nd set of exercises and do the same. Same with the third. You’ll do 3 sets of each exercise by the end of your workout.

Have a great Monday! šŸ™‚


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