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Farmer’s Market & Softball Game!


Hello! Today was my one of my favorite days of the week. . .my day off! So I decided to head to town and run some errands. I told myself I was going to the Farmer’s Market alone, but that didn’t happen.

So, first up. . .


Allow me to introduce you to the Candyland for mature adults, BevMo. Talk about a store that lives up to its’ name. I mean seriously, whatever drink you need, they have it. They have drinks you don’t even know you need.


The original reason I stopped at BevMo was to pick up some coffee syrup. They sell it in huge bottles, at a great price. Not to mention the selection of flavors. To all the coffee lover’s with a sweet tooth, this is a dream. 🙂 However, I came home with a few other things. I’m sure they will be making an appearance in a later post.

Lancaster Boulevard Farmer’s Market

Lancaster Blvd is an area in downtown Lancaster that has shops, movie theater, restaurants, and a small bar district. Over the past few years the city has really built it up, and it’s turned into a really cool area.

Every Thursday afternoon they have a farmer’s market, where a lot of farmers and distributors come and sell some seriously great produce. So I decided to beat the heat and see what fruit and veggies I could find.

The strawberries were some of the best I have ever had. So juicy, and sooo sweet. 🙂





I ended up with juicy peaches, strawberries, beets, and some fresh corn. I wanted so much more, but there’s always next week!


I have an awesome salad coming up using the strawberries and beets…delicious!

We had our second co-ed softball game, which we tied. That is a pretty much a loss in our book, but considering these are placement games I suppose we’ll let it slide. 🙂  D hit a dinger down the 3rd base line, and I played the role of punching bag at short. Didn’t field very many clean, but knocked ’em all down.


Even though we’ve only had two games, I think we’ve made a post-game ritual of stopping for frozen yogurt! I’m not gonna complain. And neither is D!


Before we moved to California, Adam and I lived near the best fro-yo place ever, Cherry Berry, and we frequented the place. I don’t know what it was about that place, but we just loved it. So finding this little gem here in the desert has been a chilly treat!

Mine is on the left. Brownie bites, sprinkles, fruit. Ya know, the basics. As Annie (one of my sisters) would say, it looks like unicorn vomit. I disagree. D went the strawberry cheesecake route, complete with little bite-sized pieces of real cheesecake and caramel sauce. Yum-o!

 DSC01654 DSC01653

See ya later!